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Asturian Property covers the northern Spanish areas of Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia, and the Basque Country, also known as Green Spain or Costa Verde. The coast is about 700km long with an ever changing succession of wide beaches, others which are more secluded, small coves, wild cliffs, fishing villages with typical houses overlooking their harbours, rural villages next to the sea, small towns and bigger ones.

Asturias or natural paradise, as it is known in Spain, is one of the most distinctive regions in all of Spain. Located on the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the area has been blessed with a stunning geography and exceptional natural richness. Young mountain ranges give way to lush green landscapes and rivers that flow down to the wide coast with its excellent beaches. Asturias is also known for its gastronomic delights. The natural (hard) cider is famous, as is the unique manner of serving it, descanting (escanciar) it from on high so that it foams up as it splashes into the glass held low in the other hand. The cheeses, meat, fish and seafood of the region are also superb.

Picos de Europa Mountains, the first official National Park in Spain is located to the east of Asturias. There are also other Natural Parks like Redes, Sueve and Somiedo where you will find Europe's only wild bears. A third of Asturias is protected, including much of the coastline, so will never be spoiled with developments.

There is a variety of sport facilities ranging from golf to skiing. Fishing is particularly popular, where salmon and trout are found in abundance in many rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Sailing, diving, canoeing, horse riding, biking and surfing can be practiced anywhere along the coast and yacht harbours such as that at Gijon are particularly good.

The inhabitants of Asturias have long been known, and rightly so, as hospitable and friendly people. Asturias: a region that is both entirely unique and typically representative of Spain at the same time. Come see for yourself!

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Asturias or natural paradise, as it is known in Spain, is one of the most distinctive regions in all of Spain.







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